October News

The QSR blog is back! This month features Dr. James Miller offering a Confucian critique of President Trump, Dr. Ian Alexander Cuthbertson discussing the value of creative projects and Dana Sidebottom considering whether academia is a religion.

As always, we welcome posts from QSR students, faculty, alumni, and guests. To contribute, send your post or questions to qsrblog@gmail.com



May News

The QSR blog just doesn’t want to take its vacation…

Two more posts are up: Aaron Ricker considers Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson as moral authorities and QSR MA Student Alissa Droog reflects on running religious studies tutorials.

We’ll be back in September!

January News

Welcome (or Welcome Back) to Engaging Religion!

This month features blog posts by Daniel Santiago Sáenz (Concordia University) on religion and contemporary art, David Emory (McGill University) on Canadian secular schools, Queen’s alumnus Dr. Russell T. McCutcheon (University of Alabama) on unseen intentions in religion and politics, and a new 175 words post by Ruth Chitiz considering the Christian origins of secularism.

As always, check back later this month for more updates and send along blog post ideas or completed posts to qsrblog@gmail.com.

December News

Welcome Back to the School of Religion Blog!

This month features new blog posts by Morgan Oddie on sacred pain, Amelia Walsh on satirical portrayals of religion, and by Emma Funnell-Kononuk on adolescent perceptions of the hijab in Canada.

Also, because Queen’s University is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, we have launched a new blog section: 175 words. In this section faculty members, students, alumni, and guests share their 175-word posts.

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Welcome to Engaging Religion the new blog for the Queen’s School of Religion.

Here you will find posts from QSR faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni that connect the academic study of religion to contemporary issues in politics and popular culture.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please send an e-mail to qsrblog@gmail.com for more information.

In the meantime, please check out our first few blog posts below and check back often for updates on some of the fascinating discussions taking place at  Queen’s School of Religion.