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Why Did I Have My Students Write an Academic Blog Post?

Morgan Oddie

PhD Candidate/Teaching Fellow, Queen’s University

Theological Hall, Queen’s School of Religion

As a new Teaching Fellow in the Queen’s School of Religion, I have spent time reflecting on my pedagogical choices for the course RELS 301: Religion, Ritual, and the Body. Early in my course...Read More »

Toward the Repeal of Criminal Code Section 43

Dr. William Morrow
Professor, School of Religion

It’s often said that trying to get a group of academics to agree on something is a bit like herding cats. As a rule, people in universities take pride in their independent thinking and the virtues of healthy skepticism. Recently, I had an opportunity...Read More »

Democracy Without Dignity: A Confucian Critique of President Trump

Dr. James Miller
 Director, School of Religion

This post originally appeared on the Spirituality, Nature and Culture Laboratory blog.

The events of the past week have marked the point of absolute contrast between the world’s two most important countries and their leaders. In China, President Xi Jinping has consolidated his power...Read More »

The Handmaid's Tale is Back

Dr. Bill James
Professor Emeritus
School of Religion

The Handmaid’s Tale is all over the place these days in a remarkable resurgence that Atwood herself declares as “weird.” It feels a bit that way to me too, as I recall the novel’s appearance in the mid-80s. I taught the book for...Read More »

Breaking Out Of The Guild

Dr. William Morrow
School of Religion

My new book on biblical law has just been published: An Introduction to Biblical Law (Eerdmans). This was my first comprehensive effort to write something in my field for people who don’t belong to the guild, i.e., for more than “the twenty-five people in...Read More »

Teaching in an Age of Islamophobia

Dr. Brett Potter
Adjunct Professor
School of Religion

Last month, a Canadian university student walked into a mosque in Quebec City and gunned down six innocent people – critically wounding five more – who had simply been there to pray. This horrific event in a place of worship followed a grim week...Read More »

Sense and Sensitivity

Dr. James Miller
Professor of Chinese Religions, School of Religion
Director of Cultural Studies
Queen’s University

Teaching and researching religion in China has been one of the enduring passions of my academic career. Contrary to what you might expect, there’s a wealth of research and teaching about religion that takes...Read More »

Teaching Religion Through Bollywood Horror Films

Dr. Aditi Sen 

As a horror film aficionado, I have often wondered if Indian horror films, particularly, successful Bollywood films, could be used as a source for teaching Hinduism. Horror films are rich in themes like mythology, witchcraft, folklore, and it can even help open dialogues about issues like secularism versus sectarianism,...Read More »